Joe Hirschfeld

Software Engineer
Mountain View, CA
personal links
notable projects
mineteria: i set up and manged the only Minecraft network powered by kubernetes
mcauthenticator: the first free and open source totp (2fa) plugin for minecraft (obsolete)
solrsearch: a skinny ui for querying solr like a network file search engine
fanoutwriter: a go module which fans-out a byte-stream to multiple readers efficiently
anvilchecker: an anvil file format validator (minecraft region format)
go-socks: a golang module which implements the SOCKS5 protocol
public projects i've worked on
nuvotifier(maintainer): a secure and performant votifier listener
essentialsx(pr maintainer): a continuation of the popular 'essentials' plugin. over 1 million downloads.
paper: a fork of 'spigot'. i have some patches in the end of 1.8
bungeecord: a layer 7 Minecraft proxy. i found and responsibly disclosed a potential udp reflection vuln.